Couples Therapy

Specializing in couples/relationship therapy, I have a passion for supporting clients as they navigate relationships. Whether you have been dating for 6 months, or have been married for 35 years, couples therapy or marriage counseling can guide you to a more emotionally connected and more fulfilling relationship. I enjoy working with partners hoping to deepen their connection and work through conflict in the context of many different challenges and circumstances.

Areas of specialty:

Conflict Cycle Support

Trust Recovery

Attachment Issues

Sexuality and Sexual Intimacy

Trauma Healing

Grief and Loss

Family Dynamics

Pre-Marital Counseling


I primarily utilize Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy as a therapeutic modality in my work with couples. You can read more about my approach here. All relationships are welcome including LGBTQI+ relationships, consensually nonmonogamous/poly partnerships, and kink/BDSM dynamics. Feel free to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more and to see if we are a therapeutic fit. You can find information about my rates here.



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